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20th January 2007 Update TTPack & WMLite10 & QTLite
New mirrors from Camarade_Tux
Add new wallpapers
2nd August 2006 Update TTPack & QTLite [QT Update]
17th June 2006 Update TTPack & WMLite10 [wmp.dll]
New mirrors on SaveFile
13th May 2006 Update TTPack 2.2.0 [Quickime 7.1]
Update QTLite 2.2.0 [Quickime 7.1]
New WMLite11 2.2.0 Alpha
8th March 2006 Update TTPack 2.1.0 [3 Languages Included]
15th February 2006 Add Microsoft February hotfix :
Update TTPack 2.0.4
Update WMLite all language
Update Firefox-Opera plugins
4th February 2006 Update TTPack 2.0.3 [add firefox plugins...]
15th January 2006 New TTPack 2.0 Beta
19th December 2005 Update QTLite Beta2 (Quicktime 7)
5th December 2005 Update QTLite Beta (Quicktime 7), FFdshowLite (20051129) and RealLite
9th July 2005 Add Wallpapers page in customization
27th June 2005 TTPack ready (All in One Package)
8th June 2005 Update WMP10Lite Fr and De
1st June 2005 Update codecs packages
6th April 2005 New codecs packages ready
28th March 2005 WMPackage 'Français' and 'Deutsch'
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